Even Rich Students Bone to Get Ahead

New research shows that wealthy college students will trade sexual favors to get what they want. Researchers interviewed 475 undergraduate students and discovered that 25% of them would exchange sexual currency for provisions. The attempted trades included: tickets to the University of Michigan vs. Ohio State game,… » 4/11/08 2:19pm 4/11/08 2:19pm

Calling Bullshit On Kathy Griffin "Dating" Britney's Ex

In an obvious publicity stunt, comedienne Kathy Griffin recently stepped out with Britney Spears' former gentleman caller, Adnan Ghalib. The two drove around in his silver convertible, had lunch and shopped at Victoria's Secret. We sense the dark hand of Pop Fiction, Ashton Kutcher's new reality show that sends… » 4/11/08 1:03pm 4/11/08 1:03pm

Charlie Sheen's Fiancée Wants To Show You the Sticks She Pees On

What is with celebrities and their pregnancy tests these days? Halle Berry admitted on Oprah that she has a drawer at home full of 35 used pregnancy tests (jesus, is that even sanitary?). Now comes word that Charlie Sheen's fiancée. Brooke Mueller, is trying to get pregnant and is flaunting the pregnancy sticks around… » 4/11/08 10:52am 4/11/08 10:52am

Only a Few Stray Trannies Show Up For Paris Hilton's BFF Audition

Casting directors for Paris Hilton's new reality show were hard at work in New York this week trying to find contestants for her new reality show Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Only it seems that they couldn't rustle up many contenders who want to be her bestie. The eternally excited magazine OK! has the report. » 4/10/08 7:59pm 4/10/08 7:59pm


David Patrick Columbia Misidentifies The Only Black People He's Ever…

Okay, this is awkward. Radar points out that society snapper David Patrick Columbia incorrectly identifies two African-American men in the latest issue of Quest (still publishing, apparently). On the left we have the misnomered "Moises de la Renée," who is actually 25-year-old Moises de la Renta, adopted son of Oscar… » 4/10/08 6:46pm 4/10/08 6:46pm

How To Pry Interesting Statements From Celebrities, For Profit

Our interviews with celebrities usually go something like this... » 4/10/08 5:29pm 4/10/08 5:29pm

Then there are celebrity profilers like Scott Raab who could give a damn and ask whatever the hell they want and somehow get away with it. 's Eric Gillin recently Raab about his new book, Real Hollywood Stories, and the questions he still wants to…

Moby the Only One Who Prefers 'Fat Britney'

Teabagging musician Moby has announced that he wants to marry Britney Spears. It's a revelation that comes a year too late in our opinion. (Can you imagine the bald wedding photos and horrible double-header jokes on Leno?) "She's like this Tennessee Williams tragic figure," he tells The Sun. "The fatter she gets, the… » 4/10/08 2:44pm 4/10/08 2:44pm

The 'NY Times' Regrets Not Knowing Charlton Heston's Real Name, Age

If you've ever been a fact-checker, you probably had beaten into you the fact that — above everything else — you must get a person's name and age right. When we were starting out, we once let "Kerri" Kennedy Cuomo slip by us and we can still count the cane lashing scars on our ass. So our buttocks started tingling in… » 4/10/08 1:28pm 4/10/08 1:28pm

Derek Blasberg Name-Drops Self Into 'Coolest Cliques' Article

You know, when we posted yesterday's takedown of the style.com article "Gangs of New York: A Field Guide to 2008's Coolest Cliques," we thought it was weird that the piece named freaking Mary-Kate Olsen the "queen" of boho chic, and that it included a plug for her new book with style.com contributor Derek Blasberg.… » 4/10/08 11:48am 4/10/08 11:48am

Venezuelan Prez Bans 'The Simpsons', Likes Boobies

In his spare time, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez enjoys shutting down entire television networks if he doesn't approve of their content. So it should come as no surprise to hear that he's banning The Simpsons. At its former timeslot of 11 a.m., the show was ruled unsuitable for children and in danger of violating… » 4/08/08 5:11pm 4/08/08 5:11pm

Email Friends News of Your Own Death!

Bloggers, are you afraid you're going to die after reading that Times article earlier this week? Well, guess what! With the assistance of two new websites, you can set up farewell emails to be sent to your family and friends in the event of your untimely demise. Go ahead, tell them all the things you never had time to… » 4/08/08 3:27pm 4/08/08 3:27pm

Facebook's "People You May Know" Creeping Everyone Out

Another day, another New York Observer trend piece, which like most journalism, has basically been reduced to a long diary entry. (Full disclosure: We used to work there!) This week Gawker alum Doree tackles Facebook's new "People You May Know" feature, in which the social networking site mines your friend list and… » 4/08/08 1:37pm 4/08/08 1:37pm

With Every Buyout, a Young Reporter Gets Wings

Should we be worried that The New York Times, Newsweek and The Washington Post are buying out their old seasoned writers and leaving behind a bunch of young reporters who possibly don't know what they're doing? "No!" says Jack Shafer. According to Slate, these voluntary buyouts (also known as "If we pay you a large… » 4/08/08 12:48pm 4/08/08 12:48pm

Marc Jacobs Employee Finds Controversy on 'Lucky' and 'Domino'

Everyone say "Hi Ginny!" We have a feeling we might be seeing this one again. Her name is Ginny Branch. She is profiled in this month's issue of Lucky magazine. The 24-year-old reveals that she prefers to wear clothes from the Marc Jacobs children clothing line because they better fit her petite body (an admission… » 4/07/08 6:22pm 4/07/08 6:22pm

And Now He's Dead: Semicolon; Punctuation Mark

The Semicolon died this week at the age of 417 from complications of irrelevancy and misuse. Semicolon was born in England in 1591 to Ben Jonson, the first notable writer to use them "systematically." The mark of punctuation dedicated its career to connecting independent clauses and indicating a closer relationship… » 4/07/08 4:40pm 4/07/08 4:40pm